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In the organization of life what do the tissues make?
a) tissues make cells
b) tissues make muscles
c) tissues make organ systems
d) tissues make organs

What are 3 cell features that prokaryotes share with eukaryotes
a) cytoplasm, ribosomes, and pili. Prokaryotes also have a cell wall like plants
b) nucleus, cytoplasm, ribosomes. Prokaryotes also have a cell wall like plants
c) chloroplasts, ribosomes, cytoplasm. Prokaryotes also have a cell wall like plants
d) cytoplasm, ribosomes, and cell membrane. Prokaryotes also have a cell wall like plants

What is pinocytosis?
a) when the cell takes in bacteria
b) when the cell acts a fool
c) when the cell takes in small particles
d) when the cell takes in large particles

What is facilitated diffusion?
a) When Things move against their concentration gradient
b) When particles are too large to move across a membrane a protein tunnel or bridge in the membrane allows them to cross
c) When it requires energy to move them across the membrane
d) When water crosses the membrane

When particles are too large to fit through the cell membrane what process helps them cross the membrane?
a) facilitated diffusion
b) diffusion
c) active transport
d) hypertonic

Which of the following is a rule of the cell theory
a) Cells are the basic unit of non living materials
b) Living cells come from non living cells
c) Cells are smaller than bacteria
d) All living things are made of cells

When water diffuses across a membrane what is that called?
a) diffusion
b) osmosis
c) facilitated diffusion
d) passive transport

I am the part of the cell that helps maintain the cells structure and form but also serve as the highway of the cell.
a) golgi apparatus
b) cell membrane
c) cytoplasm
d) ribosomes

What does homeostasis mean?
a) maintaining an internal body condition that is balanced
b) maintaining an external body condition that is balanced
c) all the chemical reactions in the body
d) when Joey farts and feels better

When the cell takes in large particles what is that called?
a) exocytosis
b) pinocytosis
c) active transport
d) phagocytosis

What happens to the water in a cell that is hypertonic
a) water leaves the cell and the cell explodes
b) water entering and leaving the cell are balanced so cell stays the same
c) water enters and cell explodes
d) water leaves and cell shrinks

When water leaving and entering the cell is balanced. What is that called?
a) hypertonic
b) isotonic
c) hypotonic
d) isometric

I am the part of the cell that gets rid of old broken down cell parts, what am I?
a) lysosome
b) ribosome
c) peroxisome
d) mitochondria

What part of Eukaryotic cells hols the instructions called DNA?
a) ribosomes
b) mitochondria
c) nucleus
d) lysosome

What is the difference between active and passive transport
a) Active requires energy passive does not
b) Passive requires energy active does not
c) Active occurs in the cytoplasm passive does not
d) Active makes ATP and Passive does not

What do chloroplasts do?
a) make proteins
b) photosynthesis
c) make ATP
d) send and receive things

What charge does a proton have?
a) positive
b) negative
c) neutral

What charge does and electron have?
a) positive
b) neutral
c) negative

What type of cells have cell walls?
a) animal cells
b) just bacteria
c) plants, fungus and simple prokaryotes like bacteria
d) animal and plant cells

What did Stanley Miller make in his experiment that was so important?
a) made organic compounds like amino acids. Amino acids a building block of all life on Earth.
b) made hydrogen sulfide and hydrogen sulfide is needed for living things
c) made oxygen and oxygen is needed for cell respiration
d) made lightning and lightning is what sparked life.

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