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What is the method an author uses to create the appearance and personality of imaginary characters in a piece of fiction called?
a) Characterization
b) External Conflict
c) materialization
d) Rising Action

What is the stance or vantage point from which a story is narrated called?
a) Setting
b) Viewpoint
c) Resolution (denouement)
d) exposition

What is the part of plot that is a turning point in the story and the moment of the greatest suspense called?
a) climax
b) exposition
c) Resolution (denouement)
d) rising action

What is the reflection of an author's attitude toward his or her subject. called?
a) Resolution (denouement)
b) internal conflict
c) Mood
d) Tone

What is part of plot that introduces the setting and characters and establishes a mood called?
a) exposition
b) falling action
c) climax
d) Resolution (denouement)

What is the time and place of the action of a literary work called?
a) Resolution (denouement)
b) Setting
c) Conflict
d) Viewpoint

What is a struggle between a character and an outside force, such as another character, society, or nature called?
a) external conflict
b) Resolution (denouement)
c) internal conflict
d) Characterization

What is the part of plot where complications arise as the main struggles to resolve conflict called?
a) falling action
b) climax
c) rising action
d) Resolution (denouement)

What is the part of plot that shows the results of the decision or action that happened at the climax called?
a) rising action
b) falling action
c) exposition
d) climax

What is the part of plot that reveals the final outcome of the story and ties up any loose ends called?
a) Resolution (denouement)
b) climax
c) falling action
d) exposition

What is a struggle taking place within the mind of a character called?
a) internal conflict
b) external conflict
c) exposition
d) Resolution (denouement)

What is the feeling or atmosphere created for readers called?
a) Mood
b) Tone
c) Viewpoint
d) Plot

What is a series of scenes that traces a conflict called?
a) Plot
b) Characterization
c) climax
d) Setting

What is the struggle between opposing forces that brings about the action within a story or drama called?
a) Conflict
b) climax
c) Tone
d) Resolution (denouement)

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