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The Barrier Islands along Georgia's coast __________________.
a) ban visitors because they are wildlife reserves
b) have the most snowfall and ice
c) have the most waterfalls
d) protects the mainland from erosion

How has Georgia's climate affected its economic development?
a) Climate discourages businesses. because they view our state/weather as a tourist attraction.
b) Our mild climate attracts new people and businesses to Georgia.
c) Storms and tornadoes have decreased our population and hurt economic growth.
d) Climate has had no effect.

Which river flows through Gainesville/Lake Lanier, and is the primary water source for many people?
a) Altamaha
b) Chattahoochee
c) St. Marys
d) Savannah

In which U.S. region is Georgia located?
a) Northwest
b) Northeast
c) Southeast
d) Southwest

This region has red clay, rolling hills, most of the population, and is the business center.
a) Coastal Plain
b) Piedmont
c) Appalachian Plateau
d) Blue Ridge

This small region has coal mines, caves, and FLAT TOPPED mountains.
a) Appalachian Plateau
b) Blue Ridge
c) Valley and Ridge
d) Piedmont

This region has textile industry and opportunities for commercial vineyards:
a) Valley and Ridge
b) Coastal Plain
c) Piedmont
d) Blue Ridge

Which region contains most of the peanut and cotton farms?
a) Piedmont
b) Blue Ridge
c) Ridge and Valley
d) Coastal Plain

Georgia is located on the continent of _____________.
a) South America
b) Canada
c) North America
d) Asia

Which best describes Georgia's climate?
a) No distinct seasons
b) A mild climate overall
c) Snows only in the mountains
d) Climate doesn't support agriculture (farming) or tourism

Which region has wide open flat spaces, lots of farmland, and warm weather?
a) Piedmont
b) Ridge and Valley
c) Appalachian Plateau
d) Coastal Plain

Which project would Georgia and South Carolina most likely do?
a) build another dam on the Chattahoochee
b) protect the Okefenokee Swamp
c) help the Savannah River stay clean
d) help the Seminole Indians

Where would you find Georgia on a globe?
a) below the equator
b) in the southern and western hemispheres
c) on the equator
d) in the northern and western hemispheres

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