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Lets go to the globe theater!
a) A globe
b) A place where performances are held
c) Shakespeare's plays were performed in this theatre
d) The Sydney Opera House

Aristotle's Unities
a) Unity of time, place, and action in a play
b) Unity of government, civilians, and military within a country
c) Unity of brothers, sister, and parents within a family
d) Unity of the Japanese police and Japanese mafia within Japan

Elements of Tragedy
a) Blood curdling screams
b) Air-raid sirens
c) Persons: of high rank, has tragice flaw, makes unwise decisions, dies, has serious theme
d) When Adolf Hitler committed suicide in front of his allies

I love learning about history plays
a) Told a stroy of English history; Tried to inspire patriotism; Added people or event to make the story interesting
b) Told a story about American History
c) T.P.
d) Blake Shelton's enthusiam for country music

Comedy is funny
a) people in love, magical, plots, reunion
b) Comedic language, mistaken identities, obstacles to people in love, sometimes magical, sudden plot twists, together at end
c) Blake Shelton, Sam Hunt, Luke Bryan, Taylor Swift, Maranda Lambert, George Strait, Alan Jackson, Georgia Florida Line
d) Tanner, Anna, Parker, Suzy, Lucy, Genevive

I'm going to buy a wheel of fortune
a) The extra tire you keep in the bed of your Ram Pickup Truck
b) A wheel that helps you Bugati 500 drive down the road
c) A great wheel that tells you how many teeth there are in you mouth
d) People in Shakespear's day thought of changes in fortune as being part of a great wheel turned by a blind women-known as fate

Recite you monologue
a) 'To be or not to be. That is the question. Wether tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous for...
b) A long speech you must give when you audition for drama school
c) A long speech given by one of the characters on stage
d) Captian Blackbeard's address in the movie 'Pan'

Please give me the honor of presenting to you my soliloquy
a) A speech made by a person who is alone on stage; it reveals the person's thoughts and motive
b) A speech that reveals the characters thoughts and motives
c) A speech given by a thing that tells us what the thing wants to do to us
d) A speech given by a horse that tells how much he hates it when we ride him

I am full of Hubris
a) Pride that leads to your downfall and utter destruction
b) Exaggerated pride, arrogance, or self-confidence that leads to the downfall of a tragic hero
c) Pride, arrogance, lack of compassion, lack of love, hate, etc
d) The way you act in public

a) Falling off of Mount Fuji
b) Climbing the Niagra falls
c) Poor choices that lead to your downfall
d) The tragic flaw that leads a character to make poor choices, the consequences of which will cause the character to fall

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