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Type of government in which powers rests in the hands of one person or a small group of people
a) totalitarian dictatorship
b) monarchy
c) democracy
d) republic

Government ruled by a particular religion and religious leaders.
a) Monarchy
b) Democracy
c) Dictatorship
d) Theocracy

Group of founders that favored a new Constitution and stronger central (national) government.
a) free masons
b) The Four Horsemen
c) Federalists
d) Anti-federalists

Group of founders that opposed a stronger central government and wanted to fix the Articles of Confederation.
a) The Dungeon of Doom
b) The Rat Pack
c) Federalists
d) Anti-federalists

Which of these is NOT a founding document of the US Government?
a) Articles of Confederation
b) UN Charter on Human Rights
c) The US Constitution
d) The Declaration of Independence

Type of monarchy in which the king or queen has total power.
a) limited monarchy
b) constitutional monarchy
c) absolute monarchy
d) plutocracy

Situation in which there is no government.
a) anarchy
b) monarchy
c) totalitarianism
d) oligarchy

Uprising the helped show the weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation.
a) Robert's Rebellion
b) Shay's Rebellion
c) Whiskey Rebellion
d) The Greyjoy Rebellion

This document led to the creation of the first United States Government
a) The Articles of Confederation
b) The US Constitution
c) The Federalist Papers
d) The Magna Carta

Which IS NOT a basic service provided by the government?
a) military
b) highways
c) snow removal
d) health care

Services provided by governments to help those that need it; help is based on need.
a) basic services
b) charity
c) safety net
d) regulations

Most important function of any government.
a) protect it's people
b) basic services
c) setting up schools
d) maintaining highways

Document that replaced the Articles of Confederation
a) Declaration of Independence
b) UN Charter
c) US Constitution
d) Continental Congress

A major weakness of the Articles was...
a) it was hard to pass laws
b) it had a bicameral legislature
c) it had a president
d) too much federal power

Plan that called for equal representation among the states for the Congress.
a) Virginia Plan
b) New Jersey Plan
c) Pennsylvania Plan
d) Equality Plan

This plan called for representation in Congress to be based off of population.
a) New Jersey Plan
b) Marshall Plan
c) Virginia Plan
d) Pittsville Plan

This was added to the Constitution to gain support among Anti-federalists.
a) A get out of jail free card
b) free ice cream on thursdays for members of the Congress
c) A Bill of Rights
d) Basic Services

This many states had to agree to pass a law under the Articles
a) 7 of 13
b) 51%
c) half
d) 9 of 13

The Constitution gave the government the right to...
a) set up a federal court system
b) sell gold
c) steal people's information
d) jail those who were not Christians

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