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What are the lines on the earth that run from east to west?
a) meridians
b) longitude lines
c) latitude lines
d) zone line

What line of latitude is at zero degrees?
a) equator
b) prime meridian
c) tropic of cancer
d) tropic of capricorn

The Eiffel Tower is an example of what type of feature?
a) Title Feature
b) Scale Feature
c) Physical Feature
d) Cultural Feature

Mount Everest is an example of what type of feature?
a) scale feature
b) cultural feature
c) physical feature
d) title feature

North, south, east and west are the ___________ directions.
a) cardinal
b) intermediate
c) minute
d) seconds

What is an element of map that is used to determine the distance between two places?
a) Map Legend
b) Map Key
c) Map Title
d) Map Scale

What element on a map tells us what the symbols mean?
a) Map key or legend
b) Map title
c) Map scale
d) Compass Rose

What element on a map has the cardinal and intermediate directions?
a) Map Title
b) Compass Rose
c) Map Key
d) Map Scale

What type of map shows us resources like silver and gold?
a) Physical Map
b) Political Map
c) Resource Map
d) Economic Map

What type of map shows us where battles of the Civil War would be located?
a) Historical Map
b) Population Map
c) Physical Map
d) Political Map

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