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Review Of Lunch And Passing Period Expectations. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

What do students need to enjoy the lunch they brought to school?
a) an ID card
b) a tray
c) Mr. Sigg's approval of their meal

Students who need to purchase their lunch at school need to...
a) line up as fast as they can when they get to the lunchroom.
b) ask their teacher for permission to line up.
c) wait until the lunchroom supervisor dismisses their table to get lunch.

At the end of each meal, students should do all but which of the following?
a) Visit with their friends in other classes.
b) Throw away their trash.
c) Wipe off their table with a disinfectant-soaked washcloth.
d) Sweep under their table.

When are students allowed to leave the lunchroom?
a) As soon as they finish eating.
b) As soon as their teacher shows up.
c) As soon as they are dismissed from the lunchroom supervisor.

If you have first lunch, when can you go to lunch?
a) As soon as the 3rd hour dismissal bell rings.
b) As soon as your teacher escorts you to lunch after attendance.
c) As soon as you're hungry enough to eat.

Which side of the hallway do you walk on?
a) Left
b) Right

Can you listen to music during passing period?
a) Yes, so long as you use headphones so you don't disturb the world with your music.
b) Yes.
c) No.

'Walk and Talk' refers to which of the following concepts?
a) The idea that you keep moving from one class to the next during passing period, even while visiting with friends.
b) The idea that you can talk to your friends as long as you want in the halls as long as you are moving.
c) The idea that you can only walk when you talk in the hallways. If you are quiet, you are frozen still until tagged.

When should you use the restroom?
a) Whenever you gotta go!
b) Whenever you need a break.
c) During passing period.

True or False: It's okay to make calls or text people during passing period.
a) True: so long as you are calling a parent.
b) True: it's your break!
c) False: cell phones shouldn't be we don't have service in here!

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