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What is telecommuting?
a) Working abroad
b) Working from home
c) Conferencing with telephone and cameras
d) All the above

What is Videoconferencing?
a) Using videos devices to communicate all over the world
b) Working away from home
c) Marketing a product online
d) all the above

What are expert systems
a) using robots to communicate
b) systems that help experts to do their work
c) all the above

What is E-commerce
a) electronically shopping physically
b) shopping online for good and services
c) assisting friends to shop online

What does the E in E-commerce stands for
a) electrical
b) electronic
c) electronically
d) erasabe

What are robots?
a) online devices
b) machines that make our life easier
c) systems for adding items and installing items

What are the three types of communication devices?
a) fiber optics, twisted pair and radios
b) radios, fiber optics and coaxial
c) coaxial, fiber optics and twisted pairs

What are fiber optics?
a) uses on television
b) uses glass tubes to communicate
c) uses twisted wires to communicate

What is a hotspot?
a) a physical location used to access internet connection
b) a virtual place to access the internet
c) none of the above

What does the E in email stand for
a) electronic
b) electrical
c) erasable
d) electrically

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