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If you ignore my warning and if you tell me I'm wrong, and if you even mock me for warning you, then you can be said to
a) meander
b) acquiesce
c) assimilate
d) scoff

This is not optional. You HAVE to do it. It is, therefore...
a) diffident
b) morbid
c) mandatory
d) assimilate

If you launch into doing this, you are severely criticizing someone
a) mandatory
b) meander
c) disdain
d) diatribe

If you can practice this, you have the self-control to deny yourself.
a) diffident
b) abstinence
c) munificent
d) diminution

This means a reduction in size or amount or extent.
a) diminution
b) diatribe
c) scoff
d) ambulatory

Anyone who does this becomes part of a larger group.
a) munificent
b) acclaim
c) assimilate
d) morbid

This kind of story or film or even song tries to teach us. Any attempt to change the way people think is ...
a) ambulatory
b) garrulous
c) magnanimous
d) didactic

This is almost the opposite of acclaim. If you do this, you are looking down on someone. It is almost arrogant.
a) abstinence
b) disdain
c) meander
d) acquiesce

To feel this is to be overloaded on excitement, to the point where you cannot even think straight.
a) delirious
b) scoff
c) diatribe
d) munificent

This person who enjoys this has great popularity and is appreciated widely. It also means to publicly praise someone or something.
a) garrulous
b) mandatory
c) disdain
d) acclaim

The person who does this is just moving around with no particular place to go and in no particular direction.
a) acclaim
b) diffusion
c) meander
d) malignant

If I do this, I am agreeing to go along with you , even though I am not too excited about it.
a) acquiesce
b) didactic
c) ambulatory
d) abstinence

Someone who has this quality is kind to everyone, including people he may not like or people who may not like him.
a) meander
b) acquiesce
c) magnanimous
d) acclaim

This is another word for shyness or can also mean HESITANT
a) diminution
b) diatribe
c) diffident
d) scoff

This word means EXTREMELY GENEROUS and refers to giving more than is necessary
a) munificent
b) asssimilate
c) mallgnant
d) garrulou

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