Vocabulary Unit 1: Gilded Age Question Preview (ID: 32084)

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Labor Unions (Sindicatos)
a) Squash Dissent
b) Benefit Bosses
c) Military Generals
d) Unify Workers

Infrastructure (Carreteras)
a) Roads/Sewers
b) Decorations
c) Trash Pile
d) Track and Field

Corrupt (Corrupto)
a) Happy
b) Funny
c) Honesty
d) Dishonesty

Political Bosses (Jefes Politicos)
a) Priests
b) Saintly
c) Corrupt
d) Benevolent

Nativism (Nativismo)
a) Donald Trump
b) Indians
c) Cultural Revolution
d) Immigrant Friendly

Assimilation (AsimilaciĆ³n)
a) To Stretch
b) To Make Similar
c) To Separate
d) To Run Away

Urban (Ciudad)
a) Small or Tiny
b) City
c) Poverty
d) Run Down

Urbanization (Trasladarse a la Ciudad)
a) Make Smaller
b) Creating Businesses
c) Moving to Cities
d) Long Distance Traveling

Rural (Granja)
a) Sleepy
b) Loud
c) Smelly
d) Farm/Country

Transcontinental Railroad (Ferrocarril Transcontinental)
a) Atlanta to New York RR
b) Mexico to Brazil RR
c) North to South RR
d) East to West RR

Homestead Act (Acto de Homestead)
a) Free Land
b) Laws About Homes
c) Farming Regulations
d) Specialization Laws

Bessemer Process (Proceso de Bessemer)
a) Judicial Process
b) Faster Production
c) Math
d) Scientific Method

Robber Barons (Los Barones Ladrones)
a) Corrupt Dishonest
b) European Rulers
c) Dance Specialists
d) Singers

Monopolies/ Monopoly (Monopolio)
a) Board Game
b) Election Code
c) Big Business
d) A Bad Law

Libtery (Libertad)
a) Freedom
b) Authority
c) Equality
d) Forgetfulness

Influx (Mucho)
a) Push Out
b) A lot of
c) Stomach Issues
d) Art Projects

Compensation (CompensaciĆ³n)
a) A Debt
b) Thinking Critically
c) Special Favors
d) In Exchange For

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