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What does the 10 10 rule state
a) I have ten minutes of reading per day
b) 10 +10=20
c) I can not leave the class room 10 minutes after class began and 10 minutes before class end
d) After 10 minutes of class I can use my cell phone

What is the first procedure of class every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday
a) I can talk and hang out with my firends
b) I am to write on the randon journal topic inside of a composition
c) I use this time to go to the restroom
d) Take a power nap

What is the policy on eating and drinking in class
a) We are not allowed to eat in class
b) We can eat as long as we clean up behind ourselves
c) I can eat as long as I bring enough to share with my peers
d) I can eat if I bring in food for Mrs. Harris

What is the policy on going to see the nurse
a) Mrs. Harris has to check to see if I am really sick
b) Inform Mrs. Harris I need to see the nurse, get a pass and go
c) Go to the nurse between class
d) Ask the deans if I may see the nurse

The University of Kansas Center for Research and Learning is what?
a) A college in Georgia
b) an internationally recognized research and development organization
c) A college in Florida
d) A college in Ohio

What is a strategy?
a) A way to learn
b) A class we take
c) a plan or method for achieving a goal over a period of time
d) a long term goal

How many steps are there in the learning strategies model
a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 5

What is an IEP
a) Individual Educational Plan
b) I don't know
c) Individual Eating Program
d) .

What are examples of accommodations
a) Only reading one chapter verses twenty chapters of a history book
b) extra time on a test or assignment
c) changing the curriculum to a lower grade level
d) using my phone to talk during class

How many days of school do we have left
a) 172
b) 179 days
c) 150 days
d) 125

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