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The first thing we draw on our page when drawing in perspective is...
a) movement.
b) variety.
c) unity.
d) none of the above.

Repeating an art element over and over again best defines....
a) horizon line.
b) vanishing points.
c) shape.
d) none of the above.

Directing the eye from one point to another defines....
a) perspective.
b) balance.
c) compositional design.
d) movement.

Objects that are used for study and do not move are considered a.....
a) portrait.
b) landscape.
c) still life.
d) seascape.

Radial balance.....
a) radiates from the center.
b) is informal.
c) combines realistic and abstract inlaces.
d) shows emphasis.

Two dimensional objects.....
a) have depth.
b) use perspective.
c) are flat.
d) create constrast.

Medium is....
a) the materials you use.
b) the objects you are drawing.
c) a color change.
d) the ground or canvas you are working on.

Contrast is best defined as....
a) opposites.
b) variety.
c) lowlights.
d) equilibrium.

Which of the following are all art elements?
a) shape, line, value, movement, color, balance.
b) value, shape, line, color, texture, value.
c) balance, contrast, movement, repetition, emphasis and unity.
d) line, space, shape, texture, color, highlight.

Lightness and darkness of a color defines....
a) highlight
b) lowlight
c) value
d) color

Oneness and wholeness best defines....
a) emphasis and dominance.
b) unity and harmony.
c) movement and rhythm.
d) balance and composition.

Creating the illusion of three dimension on a two dimensional surface best defines....
a) Perspective
b) Balance
c) Lowlight
d) Assimulation

Reflected light defines....
a) highlight
b) value
c) color
d) the way something feels

Two types of balance are...
a) straight and curved
b) actual and assimilated
c) organic and geometrical
d) formal and informal

Non Objective is defined as...
a) Taking something real and changing it.
b) recognizable.
c) pure design.
d) none of the above

Equilibrium best defines...
a) Balance
b) Contrast
c) Emphasis
d) Movement

The two types of shapes are...
a) straight and curved
b) organic and geometrical
c) formal and informal
d) realistic and nonobjective

A mark or a path made by a too best defines...
a) Line
b) Space
c) Shape
d) Texture

Form is...
a) two dimensional/ flat..
b) three dimensional/depth.

The way something feels is...
a) tactile.
b) geometrical.
c) an edge.
d) opposites.

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