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Which best describes how a parliamentary democracy differs from a presidential democracy?
a) The legislature consists of two houses.
b) There are usually two major political parties.
c) There are state as well as national governments.
d) The head of the government is a member of the legislature.

In which system of government does the legislature elect the executive leader of the government?
a) presidential democracy
b) communist
c) parliamentary democracy
d) dictatorship

Which is true about a presidential government?
a) The president is elected by the legislature.
b) The president is elected by the voters separately from the legislature.
c) The presidential government is an example of an oligarchy.
d) The presidential government is the only form of government with a Prime Minister.

You are they chief executive in your country’s democratically elected national government. You came to power in the last election after your political party won a majority of seats in the national legislature. As the leader of your political pa
a) Parliamentary
b) Presidential
c) Oligarchic
d) Autocratic

In what way are the prime minister and the president alike?
a) The lawmaking body appoints them
b) They make the laws for their countries
c) They are in charge of the military and control the government
d) They are both part of the parliamentary form of government

In mid 2007, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez finds and arrests news journalists who are critical of his government. This passage is an example of Chavez' power as
a) an author
b) an autocrat
c) a democratic
d) a legislature

Which type of government would most likely abolish all opposing political parties, a direct election of leaders, and free speech?
a) Republic
b) Constitutional Monarchy
c) Representative Democracy
d) Autocratic

In this form of government citizens have little to no voting rights.
a) An autocracy and a democracy
b) An oligarchy and a democracy
c) An oligarchy and an autocracy
d) A democracy and a presidential

In an autocracy, freedom of speech is usually
a) protected by the government as a civil right
b) censored and controlled by the government
c) guaranteed in the government’s constitution
d) only given to the regular citizens

Which statement is TRUE about an oligarchy?
a) Anyone can lead
b) Leaders are elected
c) A small group of people govern
d) Government by the people

In this government system, the constitution gives specific powers to the national government, shares some powers with the regional governments, and allows the regional governments power to make many decisions for them.
a) Unitary
b) Federal
c) Confederation
d) Autocracy

France, the United Kingdom, and Spain are three examples of unitary states. This means that each country is…
a) Governed by a small committee of elite planners.
b) Governed by a President and a Legislative branch.
c) Governed as an autocracy, with a single leader creating all of the laws of the country.
d) Governed constitutionally as one single entity, with one constitutionally created legislature.

In which system of government do local bodies of government have the LEAST political power?
a) Federal
b) Unitary
c) Confederation
d) Democracy

Russia has a type of government in which power is formally divided between one central authority and several regional authorities. Name the type of government.
a) Federation
b) Dictatorship
c) Oligarchy
d) Constitutional Monarchy

United States' government power is divided between one central and several regional authorities. Name the type of government
a) Unitary
b) Confederation
c) Federal
d) Autocratic

What is a democracy?
a) government by the wealthy
b) government by the people
c) government by the king or queen
d) government by a dictator

What is the main goal of government?
a) to start wars
b) to control trade
c) to make laws and decisions
d) to provide food

What is an autocracy?
a) A government ruled by the wealthy
b) Absolute rule by one leader
c) Government ruled by elected leaders
d) Government ruled by the people

Which of these types of government allows citizens to have the greatest amount of political power?
a) democracy
b) oligarchy
c) autocracy
d) dictatorship

Which form of government has the highest level of citizen participation?
a) Autocracy
b) Democracy
c) Oligarchy
d) Dictatorship

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