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Which word is NOT spelled correctly?
a) scab
b) map
c) lig
d) shed

The dog and ______ are at the vet.
a) cut
b) cat
c) cot
d) cet

The _____ is in the shed.
a) step
b) cab
c) hen
d) jet

The boys are riding on the _________.
a) dad
b) sled
c) red
d) clap

The _______ is yellow.
a) cab
b) bled
c) past
d) shred

Our ______ is red, white, and blue.
a) clap
b) bad
c) dash
d) flag

Which word does not rhyme with Map?
a) cab
b) clap
c) slap
d) cap

I fell asleep in the _______.
a) bled
b) dad
c) bed
d) dash

Do you see the ____________ in the sky?
a) cat
b) jet
c) map
d) past

The dog sat on my _______.
a) past
b) shred
c) red
d) leg

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