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Which of the following is NOT an area of study within food science?
a) Food Packaging
b) Food Production
c) Food Processing
d) Food Preparation

Which branch of food science includes taking food that has been produced adn putting it through steps to create a final, marketable result?
a) Food Production
b) Food Processing
c) Evaluation of Food
d) Utilization of Food

Which historical event probably happened first?
a) More than 1 million people die from fungus on Irish potato crops.
b) Louis Pasteur refines pasteurization to kill microscopic organisms that cause disease.
c) FDA approves use of 18 forms of genetic modification in growing crops.
d) The power of microwaves, which generate heat through friction is harnessed.

What is biotechnology?
a) cultivating a variety of plants and animals
b) altering a plant, animal, or microorganism's genetics to produce a new breed
c) producing food with natural methods
d) study of producing, processing, preparing, evaluating, and using food

Which of the following would not be a method of farming used by sustainable farmers?
a) Spraying synthetic chemicals on plants as a fertilizer.
b) Using compost waste on plants as a fertilizer.
c) Rotating crops every season.
d) Collecting rainwater in buckets as a means to water crops.

What is biodiversity?
a) Altering a plant, animal, or microorganism's genetics to produce a new breed.
b) The study of producing, processing, preparing, evaluating, and using food.
c) Producing food with natural methods.
d) Cultivating a variety of plants and animals.

How does the law of supply and demand affect food production and costs?
a) A plentiful supply equals lower prices.
b) A limited supply equals lower prices.
c) A plentiful supply equals higher prices.
d) The law of supply and demand does not affect prices.

Which of the following food science careers would you choose if you want to be an entrepreneur?
a) Operating your own food processing business.
b) Working as a chef at your Aunt’s restaurant.
c) Taking pictures of food for McDonald’s menu.
d) Working on a taste testing panel for Pepsi.

Which of the following is not a benefit of studying food science?
a) Protecting your health.
b) Gaining practical skills.
c) Understanding food safety.
d) Decreasing cooking skills.

Which of the following sets of people are all historical food scientists?
a) Sir Francis Bacon, Jean Piaget, Walt Whitman
b) Henry Kellogg, Sir Francis Bacon, Clarence Birdseye
c) George Washington Carver, Clarence Birdseye, Jean Piaget
d) Fannie Farmer, Walt Whitman, Ella Kellogg

Someone with a degree in food science might be found working in a ________.
a) corn field
b) magazine office
c) health clinic
d) All of the above.

Finding uses for a native plant is one way to promote _______.
a) biodegradable products
b) biotechnology
c) cultural diversity
d) biodiversity

The position MOST likely to be an entry-level job in the food science field is _____.
a) food flavorist
b) restaurant chef
c) hospital dietitian
d) cafeteria server

As a personal benefit, studying food science can help you ________.
a) choose a healthful way to prepare a food
b) discover an exciting career
c) evaluate nutritional claims made for a food
d) All of the above.

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