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Italian Explorer hired by Spain to find a new route to Asia who accidentally ran into North America and claimed all land for Spain
a) Leif Ericson
b) Marco Polo
c) Hernando Desoto
d) Christopher Columbus

Christopher Columbus is remembered for
a) Knowingly finding the New World
b) Finding a new route to Asia
c) His mistreatment of the Taino Indians
d) Finding huge amounts of riches

To bring goods into a country
a) import
b) export
c) buy
d) sell

To send goods into a country
a) import
b) export
c) buy
d) sell

Transfer of goods, people, diseases and ideas that took place between the old and new world because of European diseases
a) Columbian Exchange
b) European Transfer
c) Import Export Trade
d) Traingular Trade

One of the things that was brought to the New World by Europeans during the Columbian Exchange
a) Peppers
b) Chocolate
c) Horses
d) Tomato

A pardon by the church for one's sins in exchange for money.
a) free ticket to heaven
b) indulgences
c) penance
d) tithing

German priest who protested against the Catholic Church and some of its unfair practices.
a) Chris Columbus
b) John Smith
c) Martin Luther
d) Leif Ericson

Name of the church that was formed after Martin Luther's protest
a) Protestant
b) Catholic
c) Greek Orthodox
d) Islam

Which of the following are reasons for exploration
a) Desire for wealth
b) National Pride
c) Faster, Cheaper trade routes
d) All of these

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