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Characteristics Of Different Erosional Environments Including Glaciers, Rivers, Oceans And Gravity. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

The major source of sediments found on the deep ocean bottom is
a) erosion of continental rocks
b) submarine landslides from the mid-ocean ridges
c) icebergs that have broken off of continental glaciers
d) submarine volcanic eruptions

On the Earth's surface, transported materials are more common than residual materials. This condition is mainly the result of
a) erosion
b) subduction
c) folding
d) recrystallization

The best evidence that erosion has taken place would be provided by
a) sediment observed at the bottom of a cliff
b) deep residual soil observed on a hillside
c) tilted rock layers observed on a mountain
d) faulted rock layers observed on a plateau

Which rock material was most likely transported to its present location by a glacier?
a) unsorted loose gravel found in hills
b) residual soil found on a flat plain
c) rounded grains found in a sand dune
d) rounded sand grains found in a river delta

What change will a pebble usually undergo when it is transported a great distance by streams?
a) It will become rounded and its volume will decrease.
b) It will become rounded and its mass will increase.
c) It will become jagged and its volume will increase.
d) It will become jagged and its mass will decrease.

A sediment particle transported by a stream over a long period of time will most likely show
a) a decrease in mass and number of angular edges
b) a decrease in density and size
c) an increase in weight and hardness
d) an increase in volume and number of cleavage planes

Which erosional force acts alone to produce avalanches and landslides?
a) gravity
b) winds
c) running water
d) sea waves

For which movement of earth materials is gravity not the main force?
a) moisture evaporating from an ocean
b) snow tumbling in an avalanche
c) boulders carried by a glacier
d) sediments flowing in a river

The bedrock at a certain location is deeply scratched, and in some places is covered by a layer of unsorted sediment. Which erosional agent was probably responsible for these features?
a) glaciers
b) wind
c) running water
d) ocean waves

Large igneous boulders have been found on surface sedimentary bedrock. Which statement best explains the presence of these boulders?
a) Boulders were transported to the area by ice.
b) The area has had recent volcanic activity.
c) Sedimentary bedrock is composed of igneous boulders.
d) The area was once part of a large mountain range.

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