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Sokal and Katz (2015), the three-block model of universal design to enhance student engagement are:
a) Socio-emotional learning
b) Inclusive pedagogy
c) Systemic structures that support the process
d) All of the above

According to Alfred Tatum (2006), students four literary needs are:
a) academic and cultural
b) emotional and social
c) academic, cultural, emotional, and social
d) None of the above

English language learners are students:
a) with a primary language other than English who have a limited range of speaking, reading, writing, and listening skills in En
b) with a primary language other than English who have no ability to speak, read, write, or listen in English.
c) with a primary language in English and at least one other language but possess a limited range of speaking, reading, writing,
d) None of the above

Gender bias in textbooks (GBIT) is:
a) Not present
b) Important, nearly universal, and remarkably uniform
c) Not important
d) None of the above

Morgan (2014) suggested that differentiating instruction to increase student engagement might be achieved by:
a) Emphasizing student interests
b) Paying attention to the starting point
c) Allowing students to work at their own pace
d) All of the above

According to King and Gurian, boys bring the following natural assets to the learning environment:
a) Impulsivity
b) Single -task focus
c) Spatial -kinesthetic learning, and physical aggression
d) All of the above

Assistive technologies are designed to meet the needs of students:
a) Physical disabilities
b) Behavioral disabilities
c) Learning disabilities
d) All of the above

Alfred Tatum (2006) discussion the notion that powerful text is one that is connected:
a) Social media and current events
b) Cultural uplift, economic advancement, and intellectual development
c) Common interests, group work, and project based learning
d) None of the above

Which of the 4 Rs has little to do with learning curricula but contributes significantly to students’ sense of stability and order?
a) Routines
b) Replication
c) Repetition
d) Rituals

The three things should teachers consider when engaging in differentiated instruction are:
a) Subject matter
b) Students
c) Source of delivery
d) All of the above

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