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What controls are designed and configured to carry out a specific set of instructions based on criteria defined by management?
a) System Configuration
b) Risk Management
c) Segregation of Duties
d) Reconciliation

What controls ensure internal and external customers are properly verified?
a) Authorization
b) Risk Management
c) Authentication
d) Secondary Review

What controls transfer defined portions of information between two computer systems?
a) Data Transfer
b) Data Portal
c) Data Interfaces
d) Data Configuration

What controls manage access to information systems, applications, data, network, etc?
a) System Access
b) System Configuration
c) System Review
d) System Authentication

What controls check whether two items/computer systems, etc. are consistent?
a) System Configuration
b) Data Interface
c) Reconciliation
d) Secondary Review

What controls ensure transactions, data, functions/tasks, etc are accurate prior to processing/completing?
a) Reconciliation
b) Data Interface
c) System Verification
d) Secondary Review

What controls are part of a process, effected by an entity's board of directors among others?
a) Segregation of Duties
b) Risk Management
c) System Reconciliation
d) System Authorization

What control identifies a violation of a set standard or a change to a master file or data field?
a) Risk Management
b) Key Performance Indicators
c) Exception/Edit
d) Reconciliation

What are examples of internal controls?
a) Authentication, System Configuration, System Access
b) Data Interfaces, Execution and Approval, Secondary Review
c) System Access, Authorization, Execution and Approval
d) Exception/Edit, Key Performance Indicators, System Updates

What attributes should be considered to assess the adequacy of System Configuration controls?
a) The technical implementation (e.g. application coding, table values, parameter setting, etc.) are appropriate.
b) Managament has established effective procedures to detect and correct errors or problems with configuration settings.
c) The authorization is performed by the appropriate individual and is properly evidenced.
d) Audit trails or logs are utilized to track interfaces and are used to ensure transactions/data transfer as intended.

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