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Where are all the non-metals on the periodic table?
a) far right
b) far left
c) middle

Who is the creator of the periodic table?
a) Borh-Rutherford
b) Albert Einstein
c) Dimitri Mendeleev

What is matter?
a) mass
b) atoms in the air
c) anything made up of particles

What is density?
a) How heavy an object is
b) the degree of how compact an object is
c) the amount of space an object takes up

What are the different states of matter?
a) Solid, liquid and gas
b) protons, neutrons and electrons
c) water,air and earth

What does the atomic mass stand for?
a) Mass of an atomic particle
b) Mass of the element
c) Amount of atoms

What is the difference between Qualitative and Quantitative
a) Physical properties/ Chemical properties
b) Described using numbers/described using words

What is an atomic number?
a) The number of atoms
b) Number of protons in the nucleus
c) number of neutrons in the neucleus

What does the periodic table show?
a) an arrangement of materials
b) an arrangement of chemical elements
c) an arrangement of atoms

What does the element letter S stand for?
a) Silicon
b) Sulfur
c) silver

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