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What did the BFG do with the trogglehumper he caught?
a) gave it to Sophie
b) let it go
c) blew it into the sleeping Fleshlumpeater
d) kept it in a jar for his collection

What human being does the Fleshlumpeater want to eat?
a) Queen of England
b) President of the United States
c) Sophie
d) King of England

What was Sophie's plan?
a) For the Queen to meet the Fleshlumpeater so the two of them could start helping the BFG catch dreams.
b) To no longer be friends with the BFG because she did not want to catch dreams anymore.
c) For the BFG to give back all of the dreams that he caught.
d) For the BFG to mix up a dream for the Queen that would tell about the Giants and they would help her find the giants

Where were the giants going to get their supper?
a) Dream Catching Country
b) England
c) New Jersey
d) Ireland

What did the BFG put on the front of each dream jar?
a) a label on it to describe the dream
b) a cover on it to hide the dream
c) a camera to record the dream
d) a picture of the dream

What are all giants scared of?
a) The BFG
b) Sophie
c) Jack the Giant Killer
d) The Queen of England

Why did the giants get into a fight?
a) The Fleshlumpeater hit two of them while he was having his nightmare
b) The BFG mixed up two of the giants dreams
c) They were fighting over snozzcumbers
d) They were fighting over who was better friends with Sophie

What is NOT the name of a giant
a) Manhugger
b) Misterchewer
c) Bonecruncher
d) Childchewer

Why is Sophie really only 4 according to the BFG?
a) She started talking when she was 4
b) He met her when she was 4
c) She has slept for half her life
d) She started dreaming when she was 4

How did Sophie convince the BFG to go along with her plan?
a) She told him she would give him all of her dreams
b) She told him he would never have to see the Fleshlumpeater again
c) She told him he would only be able to catch good dreams
d) She told him he would never have to eat snozzcumbers again

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