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They (not to work) at this moment
a) aren't work
b) don't working
c) aren't working

During my childhood, I (to prefer) tea than coffee
a) preferred
b) prefered
c) prefering

My parents (to marry) ten years ago
a) marryied
b) married
c) marryies

The teacher (to speak) right now.
a) speaks
b) is speaking
c) was

We(to visit) that Museum a few weeks ago
a) visit
b) visites
c) visited

It (to close) at 6.30 everyday
a) closes
b) closed
c) closing

He often (to go) to the beach ?
a) Did he often goes to the beach?
b) Does he often go to the beach?
c) Do he often go to the beach?

I (to study) French in 1998
a) study
b) studies
c) studied

We (to play) some new games on my last birthday
a) plays
b) played
c) play

it (to rain) now ? why
a) why are it rain now?
b) Why is it raining now?
c) Why does it raining now?

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