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What ...? - A test.
a) are they doing
b) do they do
c) are they do
d) do they

When ... your homework?
a) do you do normally
b) do you normally do
c) are you normally doing
d) do you normally

How often ... her car?
a) do she washes
b) does she wash
c) is she washing
d) does she washes

Why ... you car now? It's dark!
a) do you wash
b) is you wash
c) wash you
d) are you washing

She ... tea, but she ... a cup with us today.
a) doesn't usually drink - has
b) isn't usually drinking - has
c) doesn't usually drink - is having
d) not usually drinks - is having

It ... a lot this year, but normally it ... so much.
a) is raining - doesn't rain
b) rains - doesn't rain
c) is raining - isn't raining
d) rains - isn't raining

I can't drive you, I ... the car today.
a) 'm not having
b) isn't having
c) don't have
d) doesn't have

Watch out! The baby ... with a knife!
a) plays
b) playes
c) is plaing
d) is playing

You ... tired. Sit and have a rest.
a) are looking
b) is look
c) looks
d) look

She ... the answer to this question.
a) isn't knowing
b) doesn't know
c) don't knows
d) isn't know

I ... cartoons today, but I ... comedy series.
a) watch - normally prefer
b) am watching - normally prefer
c) am watching - am normally preferring
d) watch - am normally preferring

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