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What section of the library would you find picture books?
a) Fiction
b) Non-Fiction
c) Entertainment
d) Reference

What section will you find true football books?
a) Reference
b) Entertainment
c) Fiction
d) Non-fiction

What do you need to find a book on the shelf?
a) call number
b) pencil
c) bookmark
d) fiction

What is the call number for an Eric Carle book?
a) E CAR
b) E ERI

Where would you find picture books?
a) Fiction
b) Reference
c) Entertainment
d) Non-fiction

Who is the librarian?
a) Mrs. Soderquist
b) Mrs. Roberts
c) Mrs. Kozak
d) Mr. Nayloy

Who helps Mrs. Kozak in the library
a) Mrs. Kozak
b) Mrs. Burmeister
c) Mr. D.
d) Mrs. Soderquist

How long can you check out books
a) 1 week
b) 3 dayƛ
c) 2 weeks
d) 1 month

What is your voice level in the story area?
a) 0-- only should read or listen
b) 1 -- whisper to my friends
c) 2-- regular talking voice to your friends
d) 3 -- it's fine to yell in the library

What if I'm not done with a book in 2 weeks?
a) Tough luck, return it anyway
b) Renew it -- bring it back and check it out again
c) Just keep it forever
d) Your teacher will take care of i

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