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5. Before inserting anything in your document, you should always click on the selection tool & then click on the ? .
a) Ctrl/2
b) Ctrl/0
c) Ctrl/1
d) Ctrl/A

To toggle back and forth between the normal view mode & preview mode tool, you press ? .
a) Ctrl/M
b) W
c) X
d) Ctrl/W

The shortcut to select all of your text is ?
a) Ctrl/S
b) Ctrl/T
c) Ctrl/shift
d) Ctrl/A

To group multiple objects, hold ? down while clicking on the desired objects to group.
a) alt
b) Ctrl/Shift
c) Ctrl
d) Shift

The shortcut to check spelling is ?
a) Ctrl/I
b) Ctrl/S
c) Ctrl/C
d) Ctrl/T

In InDesign, when a text box has a red plus sign on the bottom right corner, it indicates ?
a) you have one more inch in the textbox
b) the textbox is complete
c) the textbox includes more text that is not seen
d) the textbox is on top of another object

To resize an image, you can drag any handle using the ? tool.
a) crop
b) selection
c) direct selection
d) hand

The shortcut to open the paragraph palette is ?
a) P
b) Ctrl/M
c) Ctrl/P
d) Alt+Ctrl+T

? picas = 1 inch.
a) 3
b) 6
c) 12
d) 2

The outline lines of a shape or image is called the ? .
a) stroke
b) fill
c) outline
d) none of these

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