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Which of the following is NOT included in Cell Theory?
a) All cells contain a nucleus.
b) All living things are made up of cells.
c) Cells are the basic unit of structure and function in living things.
d) New cells are produced only form existing cells.

Which of the following is the fundamental difference between prokaryotes and eularyotes?
a) Prokaryotic cells do not contain nuclei and eukaryotic cells do contain nuclei.
b) Prokaryotic cells contain membrane-bound organelles and eukaryotic cells do not.
c) Eukaryotic cells contain ribosomes and prokaryotic cells do not.
d) Eukaryotic cells do not contain nuclei and prokaryotic cells do contain nuclei.

Which of the following is found in both plant and animal cells?
a) mitochondria
b) chloroplasts
c) centrioles
d) cell wall

The assembly of ribosomes begins in the ____________.
a) nucleolus
b) centrioles
c) vacuoles
d) cell membrane

Nearly all of the cell's DNA is found here.
a) nucleus
b) mitochondria
c) nucleolus
d) golgi body

The structural difference between Smooth and Rough ER is:
a) rough ER is dotted with ribosomes
b) smooth ER is dotted with ribosomes
c) iuh
d) gt67

a) g87g
b) u98u
c) f6f
d) gf7yg

a) 98u9
b) bpib
c) 9y89y
d) extc

a) iun[iu[
b) uh pu
c) jhh p0u
d) uyh b

a) iyub
b) hyu
c) bnu
d) 0oij

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