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What is the second ring on von Thunen's model?
a) Dairy
b) Timber
c) Livestock
d) Grain

Which Agricultural Revolution is associated with bioengineering?
a) Neolithic Revolution
b) First Agricultural Revolution
c) Second Agricultural Revolution
d) Third Agricultural Revolution

Which farming method is found in rain forests?
a) Pastoral Nomadism
b) Shifting Cultivation
c) Livestock Ranching
d) Dairy Farming

Which economic sector encompasses agriculture?
a) Primary
b) Secondary
c) Tertiary
d) Quaternary

The majority of the agricultural workers in the world are part of this type of farming:
a) Commercial
b) Agribusiness
c) Subsistence
d) Sustainable

Horticulture includes:
a) flowers only
b) flowers and fruits
c) nursery plants only
d) flowers, fruits and vegetables

Humans survived prior to the invention of agriculture by engaging in:
a) hunting big game animals
b) pastoral nomadism
c) shifting cultivation
d) hunting and gathering

Which region is a major dairy producing area?
a) Northern China
b) Northeastern USA
c) Western Africa
d) Southern Europe

The primary purpose of commercial agriculture is to:
a) provide jobs
b) sustain a rural way of life
c) produce a superior product
d) make a profit

Pastoral nomadism still a dominant way of life in many parts of:
a) Central Australia
b) Western USA
c) Central America
d) Central Asia

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