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_________ fear of sharks is easy to understand.
a) Peoples's
b) People's
c) Peoples
d) People

The _________ pupil grows larger to let in more light.
a) eyes's
b) eye's
c) eyes'
d) eyes

The whale shark is the _______ largest fish.
a) sea's
b) seas's
c) seas'
d) seas

Like a ________ eyes, a shark's eyes help it see in dim light.
a) cats
b) cats'
c) cat's
d) cats's

Few sharks bite _________.
a) swimmer's
b) swimmers's
c) swimmers'
d) swimmers

Sharks do not make _________ to communicate.
a) sound's
b) sounds's
c) sounds'
d) sounds

Some sharks develop inside the ___________ body.
a) mothers
b) mothers's
c) mother's
d) mothers'

There are no bones in a ___________ body.
a) sharks'
b) shark's
c) sharks's
d) sharks

The __________ clothes are dirty.
a) children's
b) childrens's
c) childrens
d) childrens'

The ________ legs were all wobbly and needed repair.
a) tables
b) tables'
c) table's
d) tables's

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