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Heredity is
a) the passing of traits from offspring to parents
b) the passing of traits from parents to offspring
c) plants that are cross-pollinated
d) the ratio of dominant to recessive traits

A plant that has two dominant genes or two recessive genes is
a) an organism
b) a genotype
c) homozygous
d) heterozygous

Mendel's ratio for dominant to recessive traits is
a) 1 to 1
b) 2 to 1
c) 3 to 1
d) 4 to 1

A phenotype is
a) the way an organism feels
b) a group of 5 alleles
c) a dominant gene
d) the way an organism looks

When cells are copied with half the number of chromosomes it is called
a) sex cells
b) meiosis
c) a nucleus
d) mitosis

Incomplete dominance is
a) when each allele has its own degree of dominance
b) when all offspring have the same traits as parent
c) made during meiosis
d) a plant that fertilizes itself

When all offspring have the same traits as parent it is called
a) self-pollinating
b) incomplete dominance
c) sex cell
d) true-breeding plant

Meiosis makes
a) self-pollinating plants
b) genes with incomplete dominance
c) sex cells
d) true-breeding plants

A plant that fertilizes itself is known as
a) self-pollinating
b) incomplete dominance
c) a sex cell
d) true-breeding

An exact copy of a chromosome is a
a) probability
b) fraction
c) line at the center of a cell
d) chromatid

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