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One who tells a story or narrative
a) protagonist
b) antagonist
c) narrator
d) narrative

Figurative language in which human characteristics are given to animals, ideas, or objects
a) point of view
b) personification
c) alliteration
d) autobiography

The plan of events or main story in a narrative or drama
a) plot
b) climax
c) foreshadowing
d) point of view

The frame of reference from which the events of a story are conveyed to the reader
a) narrator
b) character
c) protagonist
d) point of view

The main character or lead figure in a novel, play, story or poem
a) antogonist
b) protagonist
c) character
d) autobiography

A related series of events in a story that build toward the point of greatest interest
a) climax
b) rising action
c) denouement
d) setting

The time, place, and circumstances in which a narrative, drama, or movie takes place
a) climax
b) flashback
c) setting
d) foreshadowing

A type of figurative language which compares two things by using the words like or as
a) alliteration
b) metaphor
c) simile
d) foreshadowing

A group of lines or verse, arranged according to a definite scheme; normally forms a division of a song or poem
a) imagery
b) alliteration
c) personification
d) stanza

Order of the parts of a story or poem, and the relationship of the parts to each other and to the entire work
a) flashback
b) climax
c) structure
d) rising action

A word or object that stands for another word or object
a) symbol
b) setting
c) imagery
d) personification

A recurrent idea; a topic; a central idea that fills a poem, short story, or novel
a) structure
b) narrator
c) setting
d) theme

The writer's attitude toward the readers and subject
a) tone
b) point of view
c) character
d) plot

Characterizes the tone, attitudes, or personality of the speaker as it reveals itself directly or indirectly in the narrative
a) point of view
b) voice
c) tone
d) structure

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