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Where did Annie say she wished she could go?
a) To the Rainforest
b) to Disneyland
c) to the United States
d) Frog Creek Woods

Why did Annie want to leave so quickly?
a) To make it home before it got dark.
b) To make it home before the rain started
c) So the vampire bats didn't come back.
d) To make it home before the canoe disappeared.

What was Peanut sitting on?
a) A stack of books
b) a monkey's back
c) a dog
d) the tree house floor

What did Jack call the Amazon Rain forest?
a) scary
b) dark
c) Amazing
d) creepy

When they realized they needed the fruit what did they find?
a) the fruit
b) The book
c) the monkey
d) the treehouse

What did Annie ask the monkey?
a) Where is your home?
b) Why are you throwing the fruit?
c) Who is your mother?
d) How old are you?

What was the thing they needed?
a) the fruit
b) the canoe
c) the monkey
d) the treehouse

What came flying through the tree house window?
a) A worm
b) A bird
c) A monkey
d) A red fruit

Who threw it?
a) the jaguar
b) Annie
c) the monkey
d) Jack

What book always took them home?
a) The Home book
b) The Pennsylvania Book
c) The Pittsburg Book
d) The Florida book

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