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What does a jaguar look like?
a) gold fur with black stripes
b) gold fur with black spots
c) gold fur with white spots
d) black fur with gold spots

How did he try to save them?
a) pulled the jaguar's tail
b) threw fruit at him
c) screamed at him
d) made him chase him

Who tried tosave them from the Mother Jaguar?
a) the father jaguar
b) their parents
c) the monkey
d) the baby jaguar

What was growling at Jack and Annie?
a) the baby jaguar
b) the father jaguar
c) the mother jaguar
d) the lion

Where is the jaguar the biggest predator?
a) Western Hemisphere
b) United States
c) Rain forest
d) Northern Hemisphere

What type of animal was Annie playing with?
a) tiger
b) jaguar
c) lion
d) monkey

Where did Annie go?
a) to find the special thing
b) to get some food
c) back in the canoe
d) After the monkey

Why didn't Jack want to follow the monkey?
a) There was not a path.
b) They had to find the special thing.
c) They were scared.
d) They had to get home.

What did the monkey want Jack and Annie to do when they go out of the canoe?
a) Follow him
b) Feed him
c) Pet him
d) Put him in the canoe

What did the treetops do to keep the dry in the rain?
a) soak it all up
b) keep it away
c) stop it
d) act like a giant umbrella

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