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Where won't the ants go?
a) in a tree
b) in a cave
c) in the air
d) in the water

What did the book say made a crackling sound?
a) army ants
b) birds
c) people
d) large cats

What sound did Jack hear?
a) snapping
b) crackling
c) swooshing
d) banging

What did Jack see all over the forest floor?
a) leaves
b) bugs
c) grass
d) shoes

Where did Jack put the rain forest book?
a) in Annie's packpack
b) in his pocket
c) In his backpack
d) in Annie's pocket

Where did Jack and Annie land?
a) in the forest floor
b) in the forest canopy
c) in the understory
d) On the ground

Where was Peanut peeking out of?
a) Annie's pocket
b) Jack's pocket
c) a Pink sock
d) a pink shirt

What did the log look like?
a) a canoe
b) a fish
c) a lake
d) the forest

What did Jack and Annie not have with them in the canoe?
a) paddles
b) the book
c) Jack's backpack
d) Peanut

What did Jack think of the forest floor?
a) It was pretty
b) It was cold.
c) It was loud.
d) It was the spookiest place he had ever seen!

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