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Which of the following effects is produced when using the query feature?
a) Copies the data table to the clipboard
b) Deletes unwanted records and adds files
c) Groups similar fields in the database
d) Selects records which meet prescribed conditions

Which statement is the first step in planning and creating a report?
a) Determine the table or queries to be used
b) Determine what fields or data will be desired
c) Enhance the appearance and design before printing
d) Plan the groups and summary totals if desired

Which is an advantage of utilizing a database program?
a) Ability to show relationships between tables
b) Accidental data loss
c) Monetary cost required to purchase equipment
d) Time required to learn the program

Which statement most correctly summarizes the action of sorting records?
a) Selecting the highest category of records
b) Deleting records not desired
c) Choosing only desired records
d) Arranging records in a specific order

Explain how the OR condition query affects the number of records retrieved?
a) Does not affect
b) Increases
c) Reduces
d) Totals

Determine which process is used to duplicate data from a database to a spreadsheet?
a) Cut and paste
b) Copy and paste
c) Edit and fill
d) Filter and sort

Which process is used to place an object such as a chart into a database form?
a) Embed
b) Filter
c) Query
d) Sort

Alice printed a report from her database. After viewing the report, her teacher told her that she needed to include a grouping from one field. She should:
a) Delete the database and start over.
b) Insert a graphic
c) Turn it in anyway
d) Update the report

What is the quickest and easiest way in the report object window for Kareen to create a report from a database that lists all of the schools in which he is interested?
a) List the data in alphabetical order
b) Create in design view
c) Create by using data
d) Use the report wizard

To query a database for all community colleges with tuition above $500 per semester, which comparison should be used?
a) <500
b) >500
c) >=500
d) =500

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