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How did the First Nations view the treaties?
a) give up land and resources
b) receive government assistance
c) lose their way of life to adopt the European way of life
d) promise for peace and to share the land

Which Indian treaty is NOT in Alberta?
a) 5
b) 6
c) 7
d) 8

What is the legislation Alberta has for Metis people?
a) Alberta Metis Act
b) Alberta Metis Land Act
c) Alberta Metis Settlement Accord
d) Canada Metis Settlement Act

Which two groups signed the Indian treaties in Canada?
a) Great Britain and France
b) Great Britain and First Nations
c) France and First Nations
d) First Nations and Europeans

What does the Indian Act define?
a) who is Metis
b) who is a Status Indian
c) who is Inuit
d) who is an Aboriginal person

What was the original purpose of the Indian Act?
a) to promote Aboriginal language and culture in Canada
b) to destroy Francophone culture in Canada
c) to assimilate Aboriginal peoples in Canada
d) to encourage growth in the Aboriginal population

Which is NOT a way the Charter helps meet the needs of Francophones in Quebec?
a) French is not one of the official languages in Canada.
b) Helps promote French language and culture
c) right to educate children in French
d) right to access government services in French

Which is NOT a way the Charter meets the needs of Francophones in minority settings?
a) right to any services in their language
b) right to access government services in their language
c) access to publicly funded education (numbers permitting)

Which group does NOT have collective rights in Canada?
a) Anglophones
b) Francophones
c) Aboriginal peoples
d) immigrants

Which document sets out the collective rights for Anglophones and Francophones?
a) Constitution
b) Indian Act
c) British North America Act

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