7th Grade EOY Life Science Final Review Part 1 Question Preview (ID: 31873)

A Review Of The 2015-16 Life Science Curriculum. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

Humans have ____________chromosomes in their SEX cells.
a) 23
b) 46
c) 92
d) 138

Chromosomes are found in the _______________
a) nucleus of a cell of an organism
b) floating in the cytoplasm of an eukaryotic cell
c) cell wall of plant cells
d) chloroplasts of animal cells.

A section of DNA is called a
a) gene
b) nucleus
c) chromosome
d) base-pair

The number of chromosomes found in a sex cell is ____________ the number of chromosomes found in normal body cells.
a) half
b) twice
c) equal to
d) three times

It has been discovered that komodo dragons have the ability to reproduce asexually. What evidence would best support this claim?
a) the offspring have identical DNA to the parent
b) the offspring grow very rapidly
c) the offspring have unknown (new) sections of DNA
d) the offspring have new behaviors that are not learned from the parents

In peas, yellow color (Y) is dominant to green (y). What is the probability that the offspring will be green peas when a hybrid pea plant and a pure green pea plant are crossed?
a) 50% chance
b) no chance for green pea offspring
c) 25% chance
d) 75% chance

Which statement best describes the relationship between DNA, genes, and chromosomes?
a) Chromosomes are compact strands of DNA that store many genes.
b) Chromososomes are small parts of genes that hold essential DNA.
c) Chromosomes are special organelles that copy DNA and genes.
d) Chromosomes, genes, and DNA all mean the same thing.

When Jerome crossed 2 purple plants, there were 10 offspring that were purple and 3 offspring that were white.Which of the following statements best explains why some of the offspring have white flowers?
a) These offspring inherited a DNA sequence coding for white flowers from each parent plant.
b) These offspring were created by asexual reproduction
c) These offspring were produced in a dark environment
d) These offspring inherited a DNA sequence code for white flowers from only one parent's plant.

The instructions that determine coat color of any animal are stored in the
a) chromosomes of every cell
b) cytoplasm of skin cells
c) membrane of every cell
d) mitochondria of hair cells

A COMPLETE copy of a human's traits can be found in...
a) the nucleus of all normal body cells
b) only the brain
c) only the red blood cells
d) the sex cells

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