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The belief that the United Sates had the right and duty to expand across the North American continent came to be known as
a) Manifest Destiny
b) The Monroe Doctrine
c) The Great Experiment
d) Oregon Fever

The Lewis and Clark Expedition brought back priceless information about the west but failed to
a) reach the Pacific Ocean
b) discover a Northwest Passage
c) establish good relations with the Indians
d) cross the Rocky Mountains

The Second Great Awakening was a
a) period of new scientific thinking
b) disease that caused sleeplessness
c) religious revival movement
d) campaign for public education

The Seneca Fall Declaration of Sentiments was modeled on the
a) Monroe Doctrine
b) Bill of Rights
c) Missouri Compromise
d) Declaration of Independence

Americans who become abolitionists wanted to end
a) slavery
b) discrimination against women
c) immigration
d) imprisonment for debt

How did the Second Great Awakening affect the slavery issue
a) It forced southerners to admit that owning slaves was a sin
b) It inspired many Americans to dedicate their lives to ending slavery
c) It upset the balance between slave and free states in Congress
d) It opened the question of whether slavery should spread westward

Which resources became important in warfare for the first time during the Civil War?
a) farmland
b) population
c) miles of railroad track
d) iron and steel production

In its Dred Scott decision, the Supreme Court ruled that slavery
a) was a blot on our national character
b) violated the 5th Amendment
c) should be ended by Congress as soon as possible
d) could not be kept out of the territories

What event turned the secession crisis into a Civil War?
a) South Carolina’s shelling of Fort Sumter
b) the election of Lincoln as President
c) John Brown’s raid on Harper’s Ferry
d) Preston Brooks’ attack on Charles Sumner

Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation declared
a) all slaves to be forever free
b) slaves in Confederate states to be free
c) slaves in Union States to be free
d) slaves in US territories to be free

The Battle of Gettysburg was a turning point in the war because
a) southern troops reached their northernmost point in the Union
b) it triggered a 4 day riot in New York City
c) Lee lost so many troops that he would never again invade the North
d) the outcome convinced European Nations to help the confederacy

The Fourteenth Amendment guarantees to all Americans regardless of race,
a) separate but equal public facilities
b) the right to vote
c) 40 acres and a mule
d) equal protection of laws

The purpose of the Jim Crow (Black Code) laws passed by southern Democrats was to
a) draw a line between blacks and whites in public life
b) make sure that blacks and whites had separate but equal facilities
c) keep qualified African Americans from voting
d) encourage African Americans to migrate out of the south

What reforms occurred during the Second Great Awakening?
a) abolition, mental health, women's rights, westward expansion
b) abolition, prisons, mental health, women's rights, education
c) African American voting, women's rights, education, mental health
d) abolition, mental health, women's rights, education, separate but equal facilities

What effects did “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” have on society’s feelings towards slavery?
a) the south decided to end slavery
b) the north started to believe slavery was okay
c) millions of people rallied against slavery
d) nothing changed in people's attitudes towards slavery

Why did Uncle Tom's Cabin change the way people felt about slavery?
a) they didn't change their views
b) northerners began to believe that slavery was okay
c) southerners decided that slavery gave the slaves a better life
d) they felt slavery was the cruelest thing in the world

What advantages did the north have that helped them defeat the South in the Civil War?
a) population, railroad, factories, money
b) population, railroads, fighting on own turf, money
c) population, railroad, foreign allies, food
d) population, cotton for uniforms, food, factories

When expanding westward, what groups went west?
a) mountain men, pioneer women, native americans, explorers
b) mountain men, pioneer women, explorers, californios
c) mountain men, legacies, explorers, califonios
d) mountain men, cattle ranchers, mormons, chinese

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