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When energy is converted, some of the original energy is always converted to which of the following?
a) light energy
b) thermal energy
c) kinetic energy
d) sound energy

As a baseball flies through the air after being hit, which of the following types of energy does it have?
a) potential energy
b) kinetic energy
c) mechanical energy
d) chemical energy

What happens when electrical energy is changed to thermal energy?
a) an energy change takes place
b) a force change takes place
c) an energy conversion takes place
d) a electrical conversion takes place

When you eat fruits and vegetables, which of the following types of energy are you taking in?
a) thermal energy
b) sound energy
c) electrical energy
d) chemical energy

When is potential energy the greatest in a roller coaster?
a) at the bottom of the first hill
b) at the top of the first hill
c) at the top of the second hill
d) at the bottom of the second hill

At the end of energy conversion you will have the same as the original amount of energy. What law explains this?
a) law of energy changes
b) law of conservation of energy
c) law of power and energy
d) law of potential energy

Which of the following are needed to determine the kinetic energy of an object?
a) volume and density
b) weight and height
c) speed and mass
d) distance and speed

Which of the following do plants do during photosynthesis
a) combine carbon dioxide with oxygen
b) use light energy to produce new substances with chemical energy
c) convert thermal energy
d) break down food and molecules to release energy

Which of the following is true at the point where you reach the top of your jump on a trampoline>
a) The mechanical energy is zero
b) the potential energy is at its maximum
c) the kinetic energy ad potential energy are equal
d) the potential energy is zero

What is the gravitational potential energy of a 450N diver standing on a platform that is 10m of the ground.
a) 4500 J
b) 45 J
c) 4500 N
d) 45 N

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