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What was the outcome of WWII?
a) The communists gained control over most of Western Europe.
b) Japan and Germany became the dominant military powers in their regions.
c) The Soviet Union emerged as an international superpower.
d) England and France increased their overseas colonial possessions.

What was the immediate cause of WWI in 1914?
a) sinking of the Luistania
b) senate rejection of the League of Nations
c) assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand
d) Woodrow Wilson's assertion of U.S. neutrrality

Mass production of automobiles was made possible largely because of the intrrduction of the:
a) the assembly line
b) organized labor
c) steel engineers
d) the double shift workday

The 15th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution granted African Americans
a) voting rights
b) Miranda rights
c) free speech rights
d) due process rights

The main reason the North entered the Civil War was to:
a) preserve the Union
b) stop slavery
c) uphold states' rights
d) maintain a strong central government

Name one event listed in the lyrics of We Didn't Start the Fire.
a) Twin Towers
b) Trump for President
c) Watergate
d) Obama

The Cold War divided the World into these two groups.
a) communists and Nazis
b) communists and socialists
c) non-communists and fascists
d) communists and non-communists

In October 1962, the USSR and the U.S. came close to nuclear war during these thirteen days, which are known as this.
a) Berlin Airlift
b) Cuban Missile Crisis
c) Glasnost
d) Perestroika

no more ?
a) f

none left
a) f

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