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Agent (s) that have shaped the earth, include
a) Weathering
b) Water and wind
c) Glaciers
d) All of them

Fossils are usually found in which type of rocks?
a) Sedimentary
b) Igneous
c) Metamorphic

The moving of sediments is called what?
a) Deposition
b) Erosion
c) Weathering
d) All of them

Which assumption must scientists make about the rock cycle?
a) rocks in ancient times weathered, eroded and deposited as they do today.
b) rocks are formed in Earth’s center and rise to the crust to form the soil
c) igneous rocks form in volcanoes and then erode to form metamorphic rocks.
d) metamorphic rocks cannot change into other rocks because they are already changed.

What two rock types are formed by the transfer of heat?
a) igneous and sedimentary rock
b) sedimentary and metamorphic rocks
c) metamorphic and igneous rocks
d) sedimentary rocks only

How does vegetation control water erosion due to runoff?
a) They make the soil harder and more resistant
b) They stop the rain from reaching the soil
c) They absorb the rain so it doesn't react with the soil
d) Their roots hold the soil in place

Which of the following is a way people try to control the affect of gravity on Earth materials?
a) building retaining walls to stop soil from sliding downwards
b) designing bridges to span wide rivers during floods
c) finding new ways to construct airplanes for transportation
d) constructing roads that go around hills, not over them.

In the following analogy: words are to letters as rocks are to _____?
a) volcanoes
b) minerals
c) crystals
d) cycles

A solid material made up of minerals is called a what?
a) Mineral
b) Element
c) Rock
d) All of them

Tiny pieces of rock are called
a) Minerals
b) Rocks
c) Sediments
d) None

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