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Which sentence is written correctly?
a) Your playing at there house with they're ball.
b) Your playing at they're house with there ball.
c) You're playing at their house with they're ball.
d) You're playing at their house with their ball.

Who led us on our Ropes Course?
a) Mr. A and Mr. Z
b) Mr. A and Mr. B
c) Mr. Galasso and Mr.Roberto
d) Ms.Messina and Mrs. Stalb

What is the capital of Pennsylvania?
a) Harrisburg
b) Philadelphia
c) Midland Park
d) Providence

Which was the first book we read aloud?
a) Home of the Brave
b) A Long Walk to Water
c) Gilly Hopkins
d) Night of the Twisters

Which John led the trip to Roanoke?
a) John White
b) John Rolfe
c) John Smith
d) John Cena

What was the room number of your homeroom?
a) 202
b) 302
c) 304
d) roof

How many New England states are there?
a) 4
b) 6
c) 8
d) 10

What was one of Ben Franklin's inventions?
a) lightbulb
b) lightning rod
c) automobile
d) water bottle

What sports did Ms. Messina coach this year?
a) kickball
b) basketball
c) softball
d) soccer

Which of the following is hyperbole?
a) Her mother was her rock.
b) He was as silly at a clown.
c) His head exploded with anger.
d) Her friend had long golden hair the color of the sun.

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