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Austria-Hungary’s ultimatum to Serbia in 1914 and the United States military actions in Afghanistan beginning in 2001 are both reactions to acts of
a) imperialism
b) isolationism
c) communism
d) terrorism

The Russian adoption of Orthodox Christianity and of the Cyrillic alphabet demonstrates the
a) impact of Ibn Battuta’s travels
b) role of the printing press during the Reformation
c) leadership of Peter the Great
d) influence of the Byzantine Empire

One way in which the Indian leaders Asoka and Akbar the Great are similar is that they are both best known for promoting
a) religious toleration
b) enslavement of prisoners
c) special taxes for Hindus
d) the spread of Buddhism

The practices of allowing animals to overgraze grasses and shrubs and of clearing trees to use for fuel have caused
a) coastal pollution
b) desertification
c) acid rain
d) desalination

In the late 1970s, the Chinese government created the one-child policy because its leaders realized that there is a direct relationship between population growth and
a) military strength
b) economic development
c) social mobility
d) political toleration

A major obstacle to creating policies that address the issue of global warming is the conflict between
a) migrant labor and native workers
b) socialist governments and democratic governments
c) nations possessing nuclear weapons and those without
d) economic development and environmental protection

Vietcong disappeared into jungle cover. • Sandstorms halted helicopter flights in Iraq. • Afghan mountain caves sheltered Osama bin Laden. Which generalization can best be applied to these situations?
a) Advanced technology ensures victory.
b) Religious tensions often promote disagreements
c) Most military confrontations involve biological weapons
d) Geography often has an influence on the course of a conflict.

During the Cold War, India’s decision to support neither the United States nor the Soviet Union was based on its policy of
a) nonalignment
b) isolationism
c) containment
d) separatism

The Soviet Union’s response to the formation of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) was to create the
a) Marshall Plan
b) Warsaw Pact
c) Truman Doctrine
d) European Union

Which statement about the impact of geography on the culture and history of the Middle East region in the 20th century is most accurate?
a) Deserts have prevented military invasions
b) The uneven distribution of resources has led to conflict.
c) The abundance of water has contributed to agricultural self-sufficiency
d) Mountains have halted cultural diffusion

Which of these events that occurred in the Soviet Union was a direct cause of the other three?
a) famine in Ukraine
b) implementation of five-year plans
c) establishment of collective farms
d) development of heavy industry

Extreme nationalism, individuals existing for the good of the state, and unquestioning loyalty to the leader are the defining characteristics of
a) fascism
b) liberalism
c) democracy
d) theocracy

What was the main goal of Zionism?
a) forming a representative government in China
b) establishing a Jewish homeland in the region of Palestine
c) improving the standard of living in developing countries
d) creating an international peacekeeping organization to solve global conflicts

The Haitian Revolution and the Sepoy Rebellion happened in response to
a) European colonial policies
b) indigenous ethnic rivalries
c) urban development
d) religious divisions

• 1791—Declaration of the Rights of Women and the Female Citizen (France) • 1829—Prohibition of sati (India) • 1857, 1882—Married Women’s Property Acts (Great Britain) Which change in perception is suggested by these international developments regard
a) a decrease in political power for women
b) a decline in the economic status of women
c) a growing concern for the treatment of women
d) an increase in the global exploitation of women

Which statement best describes a consequence of Napoleon’s failure to understand Russian geography?
a) Rough waters in the Baltic Sea destroyed his fleet.
b) A harsh winter cut off his army from needed supplies.
c) His armies could not cross the high Ural Mountains.
d) A long period of high temperatures and lack of water overcame his troops.

In which way did the geographic diversity of Latin America affect newly independent countries?
a) limiting the military power of Creoles
b) forcing the Church to guarantee land reform
c) making political unity difficult
d) necessitating a reliance on Spain

In which way did the ideas of the Enlightenment influence the French Revolution?
a) Superstition and ignorance were promoted.
b) the principles of mercantilism were glorified
c) The divine right theory of kings was challenged
d) Punishments for criminal acts were rooted in vengeance

Which leaders are most directly associated with the Cuban Revolution of 1959?
a) Emiliano Zapata and Francisco Villa
b) Juan Perón and Hugo Chávez
c) Fidel Castro and Che Guevara
d) Bernardo O’Higgins and Miguel Hidalgo

Which event sparked the outbreak of World War I?
a) attack on Pearl Harbor by Japan
b) Germany’s invasion of Poland
c) Bolshevik coup d’état in Russia
d) assassination of the Austrian Archduke

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