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One way in which the voyages of Zheng He authorized by Emperor Yongle of China and the explorations funded by King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain are similar is that these voyages and explorations resulted in
a) an increasing effort to preserve the status quo
b) trade and cultural diffusion
c) the creation of colonial empires
d) naval wars between rival powers

The Ottoman Turks viewed Constantinople as being strategically important because it
a) was the birthplace of the Prophet Muhammad
b) would allow them to control the Vatican
c) was a crossroads between Europe and Asia
d) would provide them with access to the Persian Gulf

In the 16th and 17th centuries, the heliocentric theory became the centerpiece for debate between
a) capitalism and communism
b) science and religion
c) colonialism and nationalism
d) isolationism and globalism

Which situation was an unintended consequence of Spain’s colonization of the Americas?
a) establishment of a favorable balance of trade
b) introduction of the encomienda system
c) transmission of communicable diseases
d) exploitation of resources in new lands

One way in which Suleiman the Magnificent and Louis XIV are similar is that they both
a) centralized political power
b) introduced a new national religion
c) strengthened the authority of the nobility
d) freed peasants from feudal obligations

Which country is located in the region known as Latin America?
a) Portugal
b) Somalia
c) Vietnam
d) Argentina

The Chinese belief that China was the Middle Kingdom is an example of
a) extraterritoriality
b) ethnocentrism
c) filial piety
d) the Mandate of Heaven

The kingdoms of Ghana and Mali became prosperous and powerful because of
a) their participation in the gold and salt trade
b) the military protection provided to them by the Egyptians
c) their dependence on legalism to enforce social control
d) the tax revenue they collected from Christian missionaries

Which period began as a result of the actions of Martin Luther?
a) Italian Renaissance
b) Protestant Reformation
c) Scientific Revolution
d) Glorious Revolution

The European system of manorialism is most closely associated with
a) promoting social mobility
b) reviving and preserving learning
c) serving the spiritual needs of society
d) maintaining economic self-sufficiency

Which social scientists focus their studies on scarcity, resources, and profit motives?
a) archaeologists
b) historians
c) economists
d) sociologists

A geographer attempts to understand and interpret patterns and processes primarily by
a) examining political theories
b) authenticating oral histories
c) studying supply and demand models
d) analyzing spatial data at different scales

In a parliamentary system with multiple political parties in which no single party gains a majority, elections usually result in
a) command economies
b) religious conflict
c) coalition governments
d) secessionist movements

Which factor most influenced the construction of semipermanent settlements during the Neolithic period?
a) production of surplus food
b) drawings on cave walls
c) ability to harness fire
d) introduction of fishing nets

The Abbasid and Ummayad empires are most closely associated with
a) causing the fall of the western Roman Empire
b) creating an Islamic Golden Age
c) controlling trade in the Strait of Malacca
d) inventing the compass and gunpowder

Which area served as a cultural bridge between early China and Japan?
a) Persia
b) Russia
c) India
d) Korea

The role of Muslim religious leaders in Africa was to
a) spread the Four Noble Truths
b) emphasize the importance of ancestor worship
c) promote the caste system
d) introduce the teachings of the Qur’an (Koran)

Which region was the birthplace of Confucianism, Buddhism, and Hinduism?
a) Africa
b) Asia
c) Europe
d) South America

Which geographic feature was central in helping the Romans unify their empire?
a) Alps
b) Tiber River
c) Mediterranean Sea
d) Great Rift Valley

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