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Which region is most closely associated with the expansion of the Sahel and overgrazing in the savanna region?
a) South America
b) China
c) Africa
d) Aoutheast Asia

The 38th parallell in Korea and the 17th parallel in Vietnam were used to mark
a) boundaries created by mountain ranges
b) demarcation lines institutted by papal authority
c) territorial claims disputed between ethnic minorities
d) political divisions established between communists and noncommunists territories

The purpose of Mohandas Gandhi's actiosn such as the Salt March and the textile boycott was to
a) begin a cycle of armed revolutions
b) draw attention to critical issues
c) increase the strength of the military
d) resist the power of the religious leaders

Simon Bolivar, Toussaint L'Overture, and Jose de San Martin are all associated with revoltuions in
a) Africa
b) Europe
c) South Asia
d) Latin America

Which event sparked the outbreak of World War I?
a) attack on Pearl Horbor
b) Germany's invasion of Poalnd
c) Bolshevik's coup d'etat of Russia
d) assassination fo Archduke Ferdinand

Japan expanded their empire in the 1930's and 1940's to include parts of
a) Eastern Europe and the Middle East
b) China and Southeast Asia
c) Turkey and the Soviet Union
d) Australia and India

Development and expansion of banking, insurance companies, and stock exchanges were essential to the system of
a) feudalism
b) tribute
c) capitalism
d) bartering

One way in which Suleiman the Magnificient and Peter the Great are similar is that they both
a) modernized their military
b) promoted free speech
c) isolated their people from outside influences
d) reduced taxes levied on people

which geographic factor enabled the cities of Nanjing and Mogadishu to develop into powerful trading centers?
a) location on waterways
b) abundance of natural resources
c) predictable rainfall from the monsoon cycle
d) access to mountain passes

The golden age of India's Gupta Empire is known for its
a) development of gunpowder
b) sea trade routes to Europe
c) acceptance of Christianity
d) advancements in Mathematics and medicine

Which concept is essential to the study of economic systems?
a) self-determination
b) factors of production
c) citizenship
d) human rights

Which major geographic feature has hindered cultural diffusion between India and China?
a) Himalaya Mountains
b) Deccan Plateau
c) Gobi Desert
d) Great Rift Valley

Opinion and bias in written historical sources illustrate the need to be aware of
a) plagarism
b) turning points
c) human rights
d) points of view

In the practice of religion, the 10 commandments are to christianity as the eightfold path are to
a) Buddhism
b) Daoism
c) Islam
d) Shinto

Mandate of Heaven, production of silk, and reverence for ancestors are all characteristics associated with civilizations in
a) India
b) China
c) Greece
d) West Africa

Which country has acted as a cultural bridge between China and Japan
a) Philippines
b) VIetnam
c) Korea
d) Bangladesh

After the fall of the Mongol empire which city emerged as the new political and cultural center of Russia?
a) Moscow
b) Warsaw
c) Novgorod
d) Kiev

The primary reason ancient peoples of the Nile River Valley built levees, dikes, and resevoirs was to
a) purify sacred waters
b) create a shorter route to distant cities
c) defend against invaders
d) increase agricultural production

The Neolithic Revolution is considered a turning point in global history because it led to
a) increasing migrations of people in search of food
b) increasing use of animal skins for clothing
c) a belief in the spiritual world
d) the development of civilization

Throughout history a basic purpose of government has been to provide
a) equal rights for all people
b) laws to maintain order
c) representation for all social classes
d) separate political and religious systems

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