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River systems were important to the development of the United States because they
a) allowed Americans to travel easily between the east coast and the west coast
b) prevented foreign invasion of United States territory
c) provided routes for shipping agricultural and manufacturing products
d) made the southeast the major destination for immigrants

During the colonial era, the British promoted the policy of mercantilism to
a) control the commerce of their American colonies
b) promote colonial trade with France and Spain
c) ban all trade between the British colonies in North America
d) restrict the importation of enslaved Africans

Which geographic feature did the British government use in 1763 as a boundary to restrict the westward settlement of American colonists?
a) St. Lawrence River
b) Rocky Mountains
c) Appalachian Mountains
d) Mississippi River

The Virginia House of Burgesses, Mayflower Compact and New England Town meetings are all examples of
a) Developments in Colonial Self-Government
b) Colonial Efforts to Abandon British Rule
c) Attempts by Colonial Leaders to Form a National Government
d) Colonial Organizations Established by the British Parliament

One way that the British government carried out the policy of mercantilism was by
a) promoting free trade between its colonies and Europe
b) prohibiting the transatlantic trade in enslaved Africans
c) encouraging the development of colonial manufacturing and trade
d) requiring that most colonial trade occur within the British Empire

Which factor most influenced the economic development of the colonial South?
a) plentiful forests
b) warm and wet growing seasons
c) rich deposits of iron ore and coal
d) abundant water power for manufacturing

The Zenger case was important in the development of colonial America because it helped establish the principle of
a) judicial independence
b) freedom of assembly
c) double jeopardy
d) freedom of the press

Which political feature of the United States developed during the colonial period?
a) two-party system
b) federalism
c) representative government
d) universal suffrage

Which action by the British government was considered by American colonists to be a violation of their rights as Englishmen?
a) making treaties with Native American Indians
b) protecting the colonies from foreign invasion
c) failing to enforce the Navigation Acts
d) taxing the colonies without representation in Parliament

During the colonial period, which geographic feature presented the greatest barrier to the westward migration of American settlers?
a) Appalachian Mountains
b) Ohio River
c) Great Plains
d) Rocky Mountains

From the 1600s through the 1800s, the major reason for the westward movement of settlers was to
a) escape urban unrest in coastal cities
b) avoid high taxes in the East
c) find manufacturing jobs in the Midwest
d) acquire new areas of fertile soil for agriculture

Colonial-era New England town meetings and the Virginia House of Burgesses were both
a) early social reform movements
b) attempts to build a strong national government
c) steps in the growth of representative democracy
d) efforts to regulate trade with Native American Indians

During the colonial period, the economic development of the South was most directly dependent on the labor of
a) factory workers
b) wheat farmers
c) Irish immigrants
d) enslaved Africans

The results of the French and Indian War (1754–1763) led to the independence movement in the thirteen colonies because the British
a) lost control of Canada and Florida
b) began imposing new taxes on the colonists
c) removed the Spanish threat to the colonists
d) opened the area west of the Appalachian Mountains to colonial settlers

One reason traditions of self-government developed in the American colonies before the French and Indian War was that the British
a) sent effective leaders to govern colonial settlements
b) required colonial representation in Parliament
c) practiced salutary neglect in the colonies
d) maintained a strong military presence in the colonies

The Proclamation of 1763 was intended to
a) allow American farmers to use the Mississippi River
b) outlaw slavery in the Ohio River valley
c) prevent France from expanding into the Great Lakes region
d) avoid conflicts with Native American Indians west of the Appalachian Mountains

In the 1760s, Americans in the original thirteen British colonies began to protest against
a) efforts by the king to extend voting rights to women
b) aws passed by the British Parliament regulating colonial trade
c) limits placed on land ownership by royal governors
d) decisions of British authorities to end immigration to the colonies

The creation of the Virginia House of Burgesses and the signing of the Mayflower Compact showed that American colonists
a) supported the abolition of slavery
b) practiced elements of self-government
c) promoted public education
d) demanded immediate independence

Which geographic factor most directly influenced the location of the first English settlements in North America?
a) rivers along the Atlantic coast
b) availability of flat land in the Midwest
c) mild climate along the Gulf coast
d) forests throughout the Middle Colonies

What was a main reason large plantations developed in the South during the colonial period
a) British laws discouraged tenant farming.
b) Cotton could only be grown in wetlands.
c) Southern mountains led to the development of isolated, self-sufficient farms.
d) The coastal plain in the South contained large areas of fertile soil.

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