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Which of the following is the strongest structural shape?
a) square
b) rectangle
c) triangle
d) rhombus

Drugs that stimulate the body's immune system to develop antibodies are:
a) antobiotics
b) cold remedies
c) narcotics
d) vaccines

Manufacturing has become more efficient due to the increased use of:
a) ergonomics
b) hydroponics
c) robotics
d) cybernetics

To make an open-loop system a closed-loop system,we must add:
a) feedback
b) sensors
c) controllers
d) comparators

It is the job of the _______________ to detect the output of a system.
a) sensor
b) controller
c) adjustor
d) input

A smaller part of a very large system is called a(n):
a) open loop
b) sub-system
c) closed loop
d) transducer

Technological systems that have feedback are called:
a) open-loop
b) closed-loop
c) cybernetic
d) hydroponic

A system without any feedback is called:
a) open-loop
b) closed-loop
c) cybernetic
d) hydroponic

In a system, the means by which a desired result will be achieved is called the:
a) input
b) output
c) process
d) feedback

Architects are people who:
a) design buildings
b) own their own construction companies
c) operate heavy equipment
d) hire and supervise construction workers

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