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Before WW2, the US and Japan had a tense relationship. Why?
a) The US tried to stop Japan from controlling parts of China.
b) They were in conflict over sailing rights in the Pacific Ocean.
c) Japan wanted to control Hawaii as a military base.

Describe American attitudes at the start of the war.
a) Most Americans wanted the US to be involved and fight against dictators.
b) Most Americans wanted the US to stay out of the war.
c) They had a wait and see attitude. Americans wanted to see if Europe would solve its own problems.

Why did the US join the war?
a) We wanted to declare war on Japan before they declared war on us.
b) The Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.
c) The Japanese attacked our allies in China.

Why was Japan able to do so much damage to the US Naval fleet?
a) The US was caught by surprise.
b) Planes and ships were lined up out in the open.
c) Army personnel thought the incoming planes were US planes.
d) All the above

What did the Lend-Lease Act do?
a) American troops were lent to the Allies, so the US could fight in the war without actually declaring war.
b) The US sent battleships to protect convoys carrying US goods from German U-boat attacks.
c) The US lent or leased weapons to any country who's defense was vital to the US.

Why was area bombing more effective than target bombing?
a) It destroyed a large area that was difficult to rebuild.
b) All of these are correct.
c) It lowered a countries will to fight.

What does appeasement mean?
a) Lightning warfare
b) Signing peace treaties they did not plan to honor.
c) Giving up ideals to satisfy an aggressor

What is the last day of school?
a) June 7
b) June 8
c) June 9

How many wheels does an 18 wheel truck have?
a) 4
b) 12
c) 18

What color is George Washington's white horse?
a) Brown
b) White
c) Black

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