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Molten rock found within the Earth
a) magma
b) lava
c) convection current
d) metamorphic rock

Molten rock that has made it's way to the surface
a) lava
b) magma
c) magma chamber
d) volcanic ooze

The area beneath the Earth where magma originates
a) magma chamber
b) lava chamber
c) volcanic chamber
d) eruption chamber

Volcanos made mostly of cinders and other rock particles that have been blown into the air
a) cinder cone
b) shield volcano
c) composite volcano
d) caldera

Volcanos composed of quiet lava flows
a) Shield volcano
b) composite volcano
c) cinder conde
d) caldera

Volcanos built up of alternating layers of rock particles and lava
a) composite volcano
b) shield volcano
c) caldera
d) cinder cone

Funnel-shaped pit or depression at the top of a volcanic cone
a) crater
b) caldera
c) cinder cone
d) composite

A roughly circular, steep-sided pit at the top of a volcanic cone whose diameter is at least 3 times its depth
a) caldera
b) crater
c) cinder cone
d) composite

The earthquake and volcano zone that encircles the Pacific Ocean
a) Ring of Fire
b) Quake zone
c) Pacific rim
d) Volquake

Volcanic ash, volcanic dust, and volcanic bombs are all various size particles that come from
a) an erupting volcano
b) a lava flow
c) a magma chamber
d) a convection current

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