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Describe Blitzkrieg.
a) Excessive ariel bombing at night.
b) Fighting in trenches with new weapons, such as poison gas and machine guns.
c) Take the enemy by surprise and crush them.

What happened on D-Day?
a) The Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941.
b) The invasion of western Europe by the Allies on June 6, 1944.
c) The surrender of Germany on May 8, 1945.

Which of the following countries were not controlled by the Axis powers?
a) Italy and Austria
b) Switzerland and Great Britain
c) France and Belguim

Why did the Blitz fail?
a) The bombers targeted cities rather than military bases.
b) The Ultra machine enabled the British to predict attacks and defend themselves.
c) The night bombings were largely unsuccessful due to the blackout.

Before the US joined the war, which 2 countries were left to fight the Axis powers?
a) Japan and Canada
b) France and Poland
c) Soviet Union and England

Why did Germany attack the Soviet Union?
a) It wanted to control more land.
b) The USSR had attacked Italy.
c) The USSR threatened them.

When did WW2 officially begin?
a) When Germany and Italy attacked France, so Great Britain declared war.
b) When Germany attacked Poland, so France and Great Britain declared war.
c) When Germany attacked Belgium in order to move into position to attack France.

Why did the League of Nations do very little to address world problems?
a) It was made up of wimps.
b) It did not have enough power to impact world affairs.
c) It was more focused on economic development than on keeping world peace.

Which was NOT a problem left over from WW2?
a) Some countries did not industrialize fast enough to produce weapons to defend themselves.
b) New governments set up after WW1 were weak, which led to social and economic problems.
c) Loss of land made some European countries mad.

Why did dictators become powerful in Europe prior to WW2?
a) Citizens were angry about property being taken away.
b) Rebellions led to civil war in many countries.
c) Weak democratic governments could not deal with economic and social problems.

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