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When you think about filtration, which samples would use filtration?
a) Chex Mix
b) colors in dyes
c) precipitation
d) sand and water

When students are trying to see what solids dissolve into liquids, they are looking for
a) chromatography
b) Filtration
c) solubility
d) boiling point

Water droplets form on the outside of a glass when,
a) the heat energy is added
b) the heat energy does not change
c) the heat energy is removed

Adding heat energy to a liquid substance,
a) physically changes the water to evaporate into a gas.
b) Chemically freezes the liquid into a solid.
c) physically melts the liquid.
d) Chemically changes the water to evaporate into a gas.

How does temperature of water affect how sugar is dissolved?
a) Stirring the water 40 times will help the sugar dissolve faster
b) If the temperature of the water decreases, then the sugar will change.
c) If the temperature of the water increases, then the amount of sugar able to dissolve in water will increases.

What is a good way to show the distance between planets when using models?
a) Get different size balls to represent the planets
b) Add little space crafts and aliens to your model.
c) Paint the balls to look more like the planets.
d) Have the balls spread out to show the relative space between planets.

Why do scientists conduct multiple trials on experiments?
a) They like using the materials.
b) Gets them more accurate answers
c) Their first trial is never correct.
d) Mrs. Gardner told us to do multiple trials so she can make us do more work.

What is a galaxy?
a) Includes all the planets and the sun
b) Large rotating disk of stars
c) All the stars, planets, solar system, galaxies all in one

When the planets orbit the sun, what shape do they make?
a) Square
b) elliptical
c) Circle
d) They don't orbit the sun

How many planets are in our solar system?
a) 8
b) 9
c) 4
d) 10

What Galaxy do we belong in?
a) Black Hole
b) Orion's Belt
c) Milky Way
d) Light Year

Put these in order from Smallest to Largest
a) Galaxy. Universe, Earth, Solar System
b) Mars, Galaxy, Solar System, Universe
c) Universe, Galaxy, Solar System, Earth
d) Mars, Solar System, Galaxy, Universe

Which statement is true?
a) A year on Earth is longer than a year on Venus
b) A year on Mercury is twice as long as a year on venus.
c) Earth and Venus have the same period of rotation.
d) Venus and the moon have the same rotation.

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